$1 million have been donated to Chicago Public Schools by a famous rapper who grew up in the city. After a meeting with Governor Bruce Rauner, Chance The Rapper decided to help the state system.

It is not every day that you see a celebrity paying for a good, productive cause. Yet, some lead by their own example. The latest is Chance the Rapper, (real name Chancelor Johnathan Bennett) who, on March 3, sat down with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner to talk about different options of founding the public school system in Chicago.

Following their meeting, the 23-year-old musician, who just a few years ago was studying in the same public system, donated a total sum of $1 million.


Chance The Rapper donated the money from his upcoming tour ticket sale.
Photo source: Twitter


On March 6, Chance held a press conference at Westcott Elementary School on the funding subject. During the conference, which was streamed live on Instagram, he said he was disappointed in the Governor, but he will continue to support the development of the school system. He said he would do all he can “to support Chicago’s most valuable resource: its children.”

The musician went on saying that the million he donated so far came from the money he cashed in from the tickets he sold for his upcoming tour. He also added that he intends to further help other schools financially. He detailed that he would pay $10,000 to a number of schools in support of their afterschool program.

Concluding the conference, the rapper said his focus is not on politics but on the kids and sent a message to Governor Rauner: “Do your job!”

Gov. Rauner agreed to meet with Chance the Rapper after the first congratulated him for his win at the Grammys and the latter offered his thanks and asked for a meeting. “Congrats to @Chancetherapper for making history as an independent artist and taking home 3 Grammys. IL is proud that you’re one of our own”, the Governor tweeted.



In reply, Chance wrote: “Thank you Governor, I would love to have meeting with you this week if possible.”