Rise, a short sci fi movie directed by David Karlak starring the late Anton Yelchin, is to become a feature-length movie.


Caption of Anton Yelchin playing the main character in Rise.


Producers Brian Oliver and Johnny Lin have obtained the rights for Rise through Warner Bros. and are planning to fully finance the film.

Oliver is a 20-year veteran film exec, who received nominations Academy Award and BAFTA. His career includes famous productions such as Black Swan, The Ides of March, The Woman in Black, A Walk Among Tombstones and, more recently, Hacksaw Ridge and American Made.

Lin is the CEO of Filmula Entertainment and the executive of Studio Solutions Group. He has joined forces with Oliver as an executive producer for American Made. Other box office names he has produced: Hunger Games, Magic Mike, the King’s Speech and more.

Rise is a 5-minute-short movie, written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton and directed by David Karlak, that shows a dystopian future, happening three decades from now, in which the man is at war with the machines. Nothing new so far, except the machines, highly evolved robots are the species that fight for survival, against a cruel, angry and aggressive human kind.

The short Rise stars actor Anton Yelchin, who tragically passed away last year, at age young age of 27. The Star Trek alum was involved in a freak car accident, in June 2016. The car that he drove home and parked in his driveway – which was quite steep – rolled back as he was behind it and pinned him to a brick mailbox pillar.


See Rise below: