Louis Tomlinson faces simple battery charges for attacking two people in the airport on Saturday, March 4.
Photo: Instagram

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is facing battery charges after an airport incident involving paparazzi. On Saturday, the musician attacked a photographer and an unknown woman who attacked his girlfriend.

25-year-old Tomlinson and his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, were at the LAX Airport when they were approached by paparazzi.  According to several reports and video footage sustaining them, the singer got annoyed by a photographer who got way too close to his girlfriend’s personal space, so he pushed him, after first blocking him from taking more photos. The attack cause the man to fall on his back and hit his head. Meanwhile, walking in front, Eleanor was approached, allegedly in an aggressive way, by a group of women. When Tomlinson became aware of that he immediately went to her rescue, causing injuries to one of the women. The videos show Calder cornered by two women, even though it is not clear from the footage who started the fight.

While Tomlinson says he was acting in self-defense, the victims beg to differ. Especially one of the women who corneder Calder, who told her side of the story on Instagram.

Ana Bercerra, 22, says that since she claimed she was a victim of the attack she has been flooded by hate texts and death threats on social media, mostly by One Direction fans.

Here is what she says happened: She and another female friend were at the airport when they heard a fight was going on. Upon arrival at the scene, they recognized Tomlinson. “We started freaking out because we were massive fans of One Direction and couldn’t believe we were seeing him.”

Bercerra goes on saying she took her phone out to record him, when a woman she later learned was Tomlinson’s girlfriend pushed the phone off her hand and screamed at her to stop recording. She got angry as she claims was not doing “anything bad”. Bercerra’s friend who was with her, pushed Eleanor Calder into a wall “accidentally”. When Louis came into her rescue, she says Calder was pretending they attacked her.

In the meantime, Tomlinson’s lawyers sustain this incident was orchestrated by paparazzi. “This is not the first or last time that a paparazzi has created an altercation with a celebrity”, they stated, adding: “While the altercation was going on with the paparazzi, three other individuals were attacking his girlfriend during this incident and he came to her defense.”

The police do see this as an attack case and they are sending the it to the prosecutor’s office.

After the incident, Louis Tomlinson has been arrested and spent some time in jail, after being released on a 16,000-pound bail.

Bercerra plans to press charges and wants Tomlinson behind bars. “People are seriously trying to convince me to change my mind about the fight”, she tweeted, adding that she will keep sustaining her version of the events.

The paparazzo involved in the scuffle, named Karl Larsen, has hired his own lawyer, following the latest development – audio recordings of him saying that paparazzi should not attack celebrites but should let them “dig their own hole” emerged, prompting him to find legal representation asap.