Wendy Williams got emotional over Chris Brown’s reported drug issue. The television show host spoke, in tears, about the seriousness of the rapper’s addiction.

During The Wendy Williams Show, the 52-year-old host discussed the drug addiction that Chris Brown has been reportedly dealing with. An investigation by Billboard magazine presents a cruel reality in the rapper’s life, presenting him in an out of control state when it comes to emotional issues and drug addiction.


Wendy Williams talks Chris Brown’s alleged drug addiction.
Caption: The Wendy Williams Show


Billboard has released the story on March 2, in which several sources from Brown’s entourage were saying that the musician was, indeed troubled. “He isn’t the first functional star who thinks they can handle those powerful drugs. I got to say with all my heart, he’s dancing with death”, said one source.

On March 3, Brown posted on social media a response to the Billboard piece. He denied that he struggles with drug addiction, or that he has any anger problems. He believes the sensational story was put out there to affect his upcoming career plans.

Williams, who knows a little about drug addiction, became teary when starting to talk about Brown. She cited reports that were saying his bodyguards have to take turns in order to check the hip hop artist’s vital signs overnight.

Speaking about his entourage, Williams says that, in her opinion, most people he is surrounded by have an interest to keep him on drugs for shady reasons. “It’s easy to steal that pretty Rolex watch or whatever it is, that new pair of sneakers in the backroom. You know: You keep him nice and juiced up, maybe steal a few dollars”.

The TV personality concluded that Brown has no role models at this time in his life. “This boy is 27 years old now, that’s a grown man, and there are no positive influences.”

Back in 2012, Wendy Williams revealed a little about her own struggle with addiction, that she had left behind almost two decades ago. “It’s been almost 15 years since I waited on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx for my drugs”, she was saying at the time, during a discussion on the tragic passing of pop icon Whitney Houston.