Real Housewife Kim Richards admitted on the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that she once dated Donald Trump. Even though she admitted to it, she did not want to give details about how the date with the U.S. president was.


Just a few weeks after actress Emma Thompson revealed that she was asked out by Donald Trump many-many years ago, former RHOBH star Kim Richards says that she and Donald Trump once went on a date.


The subject was brought up by Andy, who said he heard rumors that Richards had dated the current president of the United States. At first, Kim acted surprised – or maybe she was genuinely not expecting for the show host to have such a spicy piece of information dug out from her past love life.


Kim Richards dated Donald Trump.
Caption: Bravo


When Andy asked again, the 52-year-old nodded her head and said “yes”. But she then quickly let everyone on the set know that she was not willing to go into details. Lisa Vanderpump was curious, though, what base did Donald reach with Kim.


“Sex or not?”, she bluntly asked. Kim started laughing and replied. “I don’t want to get into it, I don’t want to talk about the president.”


Kim Richards’ image has been vulnerable to attacks from the other housewives since the beginning of the show. From season one, Richards was in constant conflict with her younger sister Kyle due to her alcohol addiction, which triggered some erratic behaviour. Kim’s drinking problem has been a subject of debate and speculation ever since.


From the beginning of the first season of RHOBH, in 2010, Richards has had ups and downs and this season she became a guest on the show, instead of a regular. However, it seems that being less in the spotlight gave her better chances of a solid rehab, as this season she seemed like she was in a better place. That, also because she has recently become a grandmother for the first time.