In the wake of his upcoming film series The Son, Pierce Brosnan was interviewed by Esquire on his role and on the shifted view on life once he lost both his wife and his daughter to ovarian cancer.

In The Son, premiering on April 6 on AMC, 63-year-old Pierce Brosnan plays the role of Eli McCullough, the head of a dynasty who is getting into the oil business in Texas, at the time of the Mexican Revolution.


When talking about his role and the focus on family values, passed from generation to generation, values that his character struggles with due to an absent father, Brosnan reveals that he never had any help in setting fatherhood rules and principles. “My fatherly instincts were purely my own”, the actor says in the interview to Esquire.  He revealed that he only met his father once. The man who abandoned him and the rest of the family many many years ago, resurfaced when Brosnan was 31.


Pierce Brosnan met his father only once.
Photo: Jay Godwin


“I had a Sunday afternoon with him”, the James Bond star said about his dad, named Tom. He added: “I would have loved to have known him. He was a good whistler and he had a good walk…. That’s as much as I know about him.”

When the talk moved to the loss of his wife and his daughter to ovarian cancer, Brosnan said: “I don’t look at the cup as half full, believe me. The dark, melancholy Irish black dog sits beside me from time to time.”


Pierce Brosnan in the company of his first wife, Cassandra Harris, their daughter Charlotte and their son Sean.


Brosnan’s first wife, actress Cassandra Harris, passed away in 1991, at age 43. She received her diagnosis in 1987, seven years after they had tied the knot. Their daughter, Charlotte, lost the battle with ovarian cancer in the summer of 2013, at about the same age as her mother did:  42.

In 2001, Pierce Brosnan gave marriage a second try. He married Keely Shaye Smith, now 53-year-old, a TV personality-turned-activist.