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Chris Evans shares big hugs with all his exes

On a recent Elle interview, Hollywood hunk Chris Evans says that he shares big hugs with all his exes when they meet. That, because he has ended EVERY romance peacefully.   Chris Evans doesn’t like drama, which is probably why all his former relationships ended on good terms. “Captain America” says that whenever he sees and ex, they would exchange big hugs. He himself admits that it is a “rare” phenomenon to be able to say that you don’t have any romance issues pending.   “Typically, if I see an ex, I give a big hug, and it’s wonderful...

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Nancy Kerrigan reveals PTSD, anorexia struggle after 1994 attack

Olympic ice skater Nancy Kerrigan spoke to People about her latest television project called Why Don’t You Lose 5 pounds?  During the interview, she reveals that after the 1994 attack she struggled with PTSD and anorexia.     47-year-old Nany Kerrigan is the executive producer of a documentary called Why Don’t You Lose 5 pounds? The ice skating star talked to People about her project and revealed the 1994 attack psychological aftermath.     In January 1994, Nancy Kerrigan was hit over the right knee with a bat, during practice, by a man called Shane Stant. The man was...

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Charles Barkley would kill Skip Bayless live

Former NBA star Charles Barkley recently said on The Dan Patrick Show, that given the right circumstances, he would kill columnist Skip Bayless live.     Charles Barkley was recently invited on The Dan Patrick Show, where he brought up again his antipathy for sports columnist Skip Bayless. It is a known fact that the former. NBA player can’t stand Bayless. Almost four years ago, Barkley said on TNT’s NBA TV show: “Let me tell you something, if I could get Skip Bayless in a room, you’d need DNA to find out who he was.” Barkley’s beef with Bayless is...

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Kate Winslet was bullied, called “blubber”

British actress Kate Winslet reveals that during her childhood she had a rough time with bullies. They used to fat shame her, calling her “Blubber”. More and more celebrities have been opening-up about their own struggle with abuse and bullying. In early March, Sports Illustrated curvy model Mia Kang was talking about the change in body size and self-esteem during her childhood years. “When I was 13, I cut my weight in half”, the 28-year-old British-South Korean beauty revealed to In Style, adding that slimming down that fast had a great negative impact on her body and her mind....

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Jay Mohr says wife Nikki Cox is mentally ill

In court documents filed earlier this month, Jay Mohr says that his soon-to-be-ex-wife Nikki Cox is mentally ill and he is requesting sole custody of their son, 5-year-old Meredith Daniel.     Court documents filed by Jay Mohr on March 10 were recently obtained by People. In the documents, the actor was requesting for full custody of his son, Meredith Daniel, explaining that his wife and mother of the boy, actress Nikki Cox, has mental issues that harm the family life. Mohr alleges that Cox is abusing drugs and is mentally unstable, having behaviors that were not only worrisome,...

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