First I was afraid … I was petrified…oh wait! That’s not it. You see, when news got out that Bear Grylls won’t be doing the “Man vs. Wild” show that made him famous, all his fans rushed their fingers on his twitter page, leaving him all kinds of messages. Grylls, who was not afraid to comment on his dismissal, wrote them back a bunch of “thank you” and “I will survive” messages. Read below to find out more on his Twitter reaction. So, now go!

Bear Grylls: “I will survive”

Bear Grylls is a survivor and with or without a show, he will be just fine. These are his words exactly. Here is what he tweeted recently after he parted ways from the TV network: “Nothing can strip you of your skills/accomplishments”. He thanked all for the “nice messages” and reassured them that “Ill be drinking my pee again soon!”

Discovery terminated their contract with Bear Grylls after not being able to reach a common conclusion regarding two of the television’s future projects. According to a network’s rep who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, the two parts have been having a long-time dispute over the yet unannounced projects. Grylls would not participate in them, thus violating the terms of the contract.