Claudia Schiffer teams-up with Guess in new ad campaign41-year-old supermodel Claudia Schiffer teams-up with Guess again, 23 years after the ad campaign that made her an icon. At the time, 19, year-old Schiffer was just another pretty face, who looked a lot like French actress Brigitte Bardot. Now, she is the image for Guess’ 30th anniversary collection.

In 1989, a Guess ad campaign featured young model Claudia Schiffer in a dark-colored lace bustier, gold hoop earrings and long blonde bangs. At the time, there wasn’t much you could say about her, except that she was really beautiful and looked like a younger version of French actress Brigitte Bardot. It was that ad that made her an icon.

“Guess was a turning point of a life for Claudia”, says Guess CEO Paul Marciano, in an interview to Women Wear Daily. “[Claudia] was a turning point of Guess”, he added. It seems like that moment had changed several destinies for the better, including Ellen Unwerth’s, the photographer who took the shots.

Now, Schiffer and Guess team-up again, for a new ad that showcases the 30th Anniversary Collection. The collection includes wide-neck T-shirts featuring images of the most famous Guess models, such as Anna Nicole Smith and Line Gost. Moreover, it includes jeans with cut-off waistbands, daisy capris, and sleeveless tops. The items are priced between 39 and 138 dollars. The collection will be found in stores next month.