Coffee keeps depressive thoughts away

A recent study says that coffee, if taken in certain amounts, keeps the depressive thought away, especially when it comes to women. It is a known fact that women are more prone to depression, due to their more sensitive nature.

Studies have shown that 90% of Americans consume caffeine-based products every day. It is not a surprise. After all, there is a reason why there is a Starbucks coffee shop at every street corner. Caffeine helps improve the learning ability and gives us that

pump of energy in the morning. But a recent study has demonstrated another positive effect of the popular drink. Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine the study says that coffee is able to prevent depression in women.

The study has been carried through questionnaires on 50,000 middle-aged women, who also drank tea, soft drinks and chocolate [other beverages containing caffeine]. Those didn’t show any valuable impact on their mood, mainly because they contain less caffeine than coffee. But the results showed that drinking two or three cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of depression in women by 15%. Four or more cups decrease the changes of a depressing mood with 20%.

Coffee acts in the cells as a defender for neurons prone to neurodegenerative disease. This is why some of the Alzheimer’s drugs include coffee compounds. Plus, caffeine increases dopamine levels, which are responsible for one’s level of happiness.

Researchers highlight that this doesn’t necessarily mean that coffee has a direct impact against depression. But what they are sure of is that it does work on the mood by having an influence on the brain chemicals. Moreover, they say that people should not begin drinking more coffee just for this reason, as coffee is not a drug to treat depression.