Living doll Venus Angelic becomes YouTube’s new teen sensationA 15-year-old British girl who goes by the name of Venus Angelic on YouTube has caught the attention of millions of subscribers with her living doll looks and her make-up tutorials.

As you can see, Venus Angelic really does look like a doll in this picture: big blue eyes, porcelain skin, fine, almost invisible expression lines. The teenager has posted on YouTube several videos on skincare and make-up. We can sense a lot of Manga inspiration when it comes to the character she has become online. Nevertheless, her tutorials apply to almost every woman, that is, of course if the goal is to look like you’ve just came out of the box.

The living doll’s YouTube posts are followed by not less than 5 million viewers. However, not all of them are impressed by the outcome of her skills in a positive way. Some comments depict the looks as “frightening” and “weird”. Some are annoyed by the tone of her voice. But you can make your own opinion on Venus Angelic, the living doll, by following her tutorials.