Men are born to be husbands

According a study conducted by to the National Academy of Science on 600 volunteers, men are not meant to be bachelors. Not only that they are born to live as part of a family, but they are also “programmed” to be faithful, especially when a newborn is welcomed.

Despite what the world thinks about men’s independent nature, science has proven that they are actually very connected to their father side. A recent study concluded that weeks before and after the birth of their baby, men have a lot less testosterone in their bodies. Apparently, their body system and functioning is created in such a way that as soon as they become parents, they do not feel the need for intimacy with their partner as often as before, synchronizing with the low sex drive of the woman. This, the scientists say, makes the partners in the couple faithful to each other, bringing them closer as mommy and daddy to the little one.

The study was conducted in the Philippines on 624 men, who were studied before and after becoming parents. It was noticed that a few days before their partner was set to give birth, their testosterone level decreased significantly, and in the few days after the birth, men also had extremely reduced testosterone levels.

Christopher Kuzawa, the leader of the research said: “Raising human offspring is such an effort that it is co-operative by necessity, and our study shows that human fathers are biologically wired to help with the job”.

The researchers are fascinated with the new findings, as they prove the idea of the family is supported by the natural design of people. Dr. Allan Pacey from the University of Sheffield finds it “intriguing” to see how the organisms of men “respond to family life”.