The latest drinking fashion: Tweet-a-BeerTwitter has come up with the ultimate drinking fashion: treating your friends with a round of beers from your comfy seat to theirs. Tweet-a-Beer, though it doesn’t send a glass bottle of the popular drink to your friend’s home, it does put it in their account.

The official website of Tweet-a-Beer explains the need for this service, plain and simple: “distance, agoraphobia, and gang rivalries” will no longer “prevent you from sharing a pint.” So here is how it works:

Tweet-a-Beer is a commerce platform for Twitter that links your Twitter account to your PayPal account. Powered by Chirpify, the platform makes it possible to send 5 dollars from your account to a friend’s account. That is, in Twitter world, a beer.

The first thing you have to do is log into your Twitter account with Chirpify and approve it to send PayPal payments from your account. Then, use the application to choose the Twitter recipient of the beer. To make it more fun, you have to fill-in a meeting place, a reason and you can even add jukebox requests. Submit the data and the recipient will receive a message from you with a link. They have to use it to claim the beer (5 dollars). You cannot send more than a beer at a time. For each beer tweeted you pay a tax of 10 cents to Chirpify.

After every authentication it is advised to log out so you would prevent any of the people with access to your account to use your PayPal “treasure” for their selfish purposes.