Buying a perfect dress is possible if you follow these tips shared by fashion stylists. Whether it’s a wedding dress, a beach dress of the classical little black dress, women should know that, before going shopping, they have to keep in mind one thing only: it’s the body that dictates the dress!

Nobody has a perfect silhouette, not even models. But they know a few tricks to hide their flaws and emphasize their qualities.

Tips to buy the perfect dressIf you have wide hips, the best choice is address that shows the slimmest part and that, by comparison, is the waist. For example, try dresses with belts. Not all will look good on you. Try out several models until you find one that’s flattering. Try models that you would have never thought you’d try. Sometimes new wardrobe approaches give you a new angle and you might discover you’ve been hiding from the square neckline for nothing.

If you don’t like your legs you can find a way to hide them and actually trick others into thinking you’re hiding goddess jewels. Remember the Roman and the ancient Greek times? Women used to wear a lot but let the eye catch some glimpse of what’s hidden underneath the garments. Pick a long dress with a deep cut on one side. This way, the shape of your legs won’t be perceived. Oh, and don’t ruin it by going all Angelina Jolie with it.

Women with a large bust should stay away from turtleneck dresses and tops. They make the bust look bulkier. Those models are best suited to women with smaller bust and long necks. Instead, go for round medium-cut necklines, or V-necklines.

For those of you who lack confidence in their overall looks, try shapewear. Stylists assure you that nowadays it’s more comfortable and it doesn’t show under the dress. Kami Gray, television and film wardrobe stylist, recommends the Underwire Long Leg Bodysuit by Body Wrap, or the Yummie Tummie brand of tanks for the midsection.