Actress Alicia Silverstone, who, back in March, posted a video on YouTube showing her chewing her son’s food and then feeding him directly from her mouth, defends her feeding technique by saying that it has been done for thousands of years and it is natural.

Alicia Silverstone says chewing son’s food is naturalOn Friday’s Entertainment Tonight show, actress Alicia Silverstone had some explaining to do regarding the way she feeds her son, 11-month-old Bear Blu. Not because she was under child protection supervision, but much worse: she’s being monitored by the red eye of the media, ever since she had the genuine inspiration of uploading online a short movie depicting her baby-bird feeding style. And it’s not even something she invented. The actress says that she understands some people may see a problem in it, as they are not used to feeding their babies directly from their mouths. “But I do want to let you know that this has been going on for thousands of years”, Silverstone explains, “and it’s natural”.

Silverstone, who is a first-time-mother, adds that while she is still breastfeeding, premasticating Bear Blu’s food is one way she can introduce food to him. “It’s just a way to introduce him to food when he doesn’t have teeth… and he can’t chew.” Plus, it was the baby who came up with the idea…somehow. At 5 months old, “I’d be eating and he would come at me with his little mouth open and be on my mouth trying to get the food out of my mouth”, Alicia said.

And for those worrying that her practice might not be hygienic, the Hollywood mom reassures everyone that her little bundle of joy is the healthiest happiest baby ever.