How to get a promotion in five easy stepsIf you are one of those people who are tired of doing a job they are overqualified for and hope that one day will have a bigger office, a secretary and a book full of appointments, you have to go through these five steps to get a promotion.


Step One – Name it

Before you reach the point where you knock on your boss’ office door and tell him all the great things you have done for the company and how perfect you are for a career “upgrade”, you have to make a self-evaluation regarding the much-wanted promotion. Ask yourself what the promotion means to you, including both the wanted and the unwanted changes that would occur once you’ve got it. When you know exactly what it involves and make up your mind consciously about going ahead with it, you can move to step two.


Step Two – Be ready for it

Prepare yourself for a new career status. Mentally, emotionally, physically. Start acting like you deserve it and it’s just a matter of time before you get it. Start with any of the three levels that you feel it would be easier to start. Once you set one of them on, the other will follow. Act like you have a higher status in the office and you will start thinking and feeling as if you were, too.


Step Three – Search for it

This is where the real work begins. Your main purpose is to make yourself visible. Psychologically, people react to certain things when they do not quadrate to the plan. In other words, if they don’t expect you to do something or say something, and you do, they’ll notice you. Working extra hours is one way to gain attention; giving a well-documented solution while in a meeting is another.


Step Four – Act On It

You are one step away from your goal. Now you have gained the attention of your superiors. Either they have assigned you a task, or you have offered to handle it, here is the opportunity to prove that you are worthy of their trust. Act responsible, use all the required skills – logic, creativity, charisma – and put your soul into it. This task is your key to that bigger office. Treat it as such.


Step Five – Take It

If’ you’ve done your job well, you are probably on your way to your boss’ office as we speak. He’ll let you know there is an opening for a new position (oh, just the one you were secretly hoping for!) and the job is your, if you want it. Now, all you have to do is get used to bigger windows, a personal coffee maker and a raise.


Remember! These five steps are the ones that prepare you for what is to come in your professional life. They are only the beginning of a new chapter. Once you get the promotion, learn to “wear” it. Adapt to its size, to the way it looks to others and to the feeling it gives you every day.