Introducing SixthSense Technology

Two years ago, the brilliant Indian inventor, Pranav Mistry, introduced on the TED stage a daring new technology which provides a wearable interface which enables interaction between the real/physical world and digital information by the help of simple hand gestures.

Even thought the device presented was only an early prototype, what Pranav achieved was fairly remarkable.

The code was released this year as open-source, as promised two years ago, so that anyone can use it and contribute to it. The device is rather inexpensive to produce, only requiring a camera, a pico projector, a microphone, a mirror and a mobile computing device (your laptop will do just fine). These components can currently be purchased for around $200 (excluding the laptop – which most of us already have).

The uses for this technology are practically endless and can provide us with a lot nifty gadgets in the future.

If you are a tech junkie I know you are probably eager to build your own device and experiment with it (I known I am).

You can find the code here .

You can view the video presentation by Pranav showing his prototype below: