Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has been accused of assault, just a few days after her probation ended, by a woman who claims that, while in a club, Lohan became violent for no good reason. According to TMZ, the report filed at the police states that Lohan attacked the woman for talking to one of the friends who was accompanying her.

Lindsay Lohan accused of assault, denies accusationsOn Thursday night, Lindsay Lohan and friends were partying at The Standard nightclub, in West Hollywood. At one point a woman came to talk to one of her male friends and Lohan got irritated by it just enough to attack her. The woman filed a police report, stating that the actress had shoved her, causing her visible injuries.

Lindsay Lohan’s representative, Steve Honig, denies all the accusations. He argues that not only was the actress missing from that club, but she wasn’t out of the house that night. He calls the whole thing “a big lie”. Lohan had told TMZ later that she was at home, watching a “Homeland” marathon.

No less than two weeks ago, while still on probation, Lindsay Lohan was confronted with another incident. This time, a man accused her of striking him with her car. She denied all accusations, calling the man’s story “absurd”. Even though she is constantly followed by paparazzi, there were no photos that would capture the incident, but Lohan was video recorded while taking a passenger seat. The case put her probation in jeopardy.