Two years ago, when she turned 42, Lisa Marie Presley was terrified. She thought she would die at that age, just like her father. In the latest issue of Elle, the daughter of “The King” opens up about the impact of her father’s death on her life and the horrific milestone that “42-years-old” represents to her.

Lisa Marie Presley feared she would die at 42In 1977, Lisa Marie Presley was 8 years old. She was the only daughter of the most famous singer on the planet: Elvis Presley. That was going to end very soon, as “The King” died that year, at the age of 42. His death let millions of fans mourning and his family in shock.

Along the years, Lisa-Marie Presley tried to get over the tragic event, but having your life under the microscope, for all the world to see, was a burden she had to live with. For many years, she had a troubled life, fighting a drug addiction, having to recover from relationships that ended up messy and struggling with a music career that not many seemed to take seriously. Now, at the age of 44, she is happily married and is the mother of three.

In an interview to Elle magazine, Presley confessed that, when she turned 42, a couple of years ago, she was terrified of what looked like a family curse. It was a milestone for her, as both her father and her grandmother had died at that age. Two years later, she confesses she still has fears and insecurities, even if she doesn’t look like it. “I think people think I’m harder and more arrogant and cocky than I am because I know how to put on a front, but it’s nothing like who I am inside”, Presley reveals. “To be honest, I’m really overly, scarily sensitive, and I feel way too much, so I have to have something to hide under.”

For Lisa-Marie Presley, music is one way to deal with the fears and to regain force. She is now preparing to release her third album, “Storm and Grace”.