Obama: “Kanye is a jackass. But He’s talented!”At a recent political fundraise held in New York, president Barack Obama told journalist David Samuels that Kanye maintains his opinion about Kanye West being a “jackass”, but admits the hip hop artist is also “talented”. Read more to find out which musician Obama prefers over West.

In 2009, at the MTV Video Awards, rapper Kanye West abruptly interrupted the speech of country singer Taylor Swift, a gesture for which he was widely criticized. Even the president of the United States gave his opinion regarding West’s inappropriate act. At the time, Obama said the musician was a “jackass”.

Just a few days ago, while at a political fundraising event that was held in New York, Obama told journalist David Samuels from the publication The Atlantic that he considers Kanye “smart” and “talented.” So did the president change his opinion? Not at all, he just added some good points. However, he still stands by his belief that, despite being “a Chicago guy”, implying the mentioned qualities, “he is a jackass”.

When Samuels asked Obama which hip hop artists he likes best – Kanye West or Jay-Z – he answered with no hesitation: “Jay-Z”.