Paris Hilton’s favorite boutiqueParis Hilton’s shopping sprees are famous, especially as thy represent the most constant activity of the socialite. Followed by paparazzi everywhere, the blonde heiress was recently spotted at one of her favorite boutiques in L.A. : Kitson.

In a recent Twitter post, Paris Hilton shared with her followers the joy of shopping at Kitson. “Had fun shopping at @Kitson, one of my favorite stores in LA. Bought so many cute things for @Coachella & Summer wardrobe. Loves it,” she tweeted.

Kitson is famous not as much for its trendy clothes – it sells over 270 brands – or high prices, but for the celebrities spotted shopping there. The paparazzi have taken photos of Nicole Richie, Teri Hatcher, Zac Efron, Jesica Simpson, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Lil’ Wayne, Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Tisdale, Debra Messing and many others, browsing inside the high-end boutique.