Selena Gomez releases own fragrance Former Disney star Selena Gomez is all grown-up now, as shown in her newly-released fragrance ad, that she describes as “simple and pretty”. The ad shows Selena in a strapless wavy purple ankle-long dress, rising from purple-crystal water.

The debut fragrance of 19-year-old music star Selena Gomez is all kisses and shines. The bottle looks like a light evening gown, signed “Selena Gomez” and the bottom and ending in a golden cap. “I wanted it to be tall so it stands out,” Selena explained to Us Weekly. The cap holds a bouquet of golden and dark purple lips that look just fabulous. “The lips are fun…it makes it more youthful and you can play with it.”

As for the ad, it was shot in a water tank, in which Selena posed in a purple gown, similar to the one that her fragrance depicts. She looks like she’s just come out of the water, with the purple waves to her waist, making her shine like a jewel.

“Selena Gomez”, the fragrance, will hit the stores in May. But not just any store. Priced at 35 to 55 dollars, the EDP will be found only at Macy’s.