Swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen, the fiancé of musician John legend, received thousands of death threats and nasty comments from Chris Brown’s fans, after she posted a comment regarding his performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

Chrissy Teigen, death threats after Chris Brown commentsSix words from the Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen regarding Chris Brown’s Billboard Music Awards were just enough to give birth to a Twitter apocalypse thrown against her. The 26-year-old model, who is engaged to musician John Legend, reacted to Brown’s lip-synched performance at the Awards. “Why sing when you can dance?”

After the tweet, Teigen received countless nasty messages, most of them containing clear death threats. “You need to be raped and murdered,” one of Brown’s fans tweeted. “I hope you are the next ‘celebrity’ to die”, wrote another one. A third one said to her that she “was nothing” and she should kill herself.

The model was “sad” to notice that “99% of the most disturbing comments come from young girls”. Moreover, she added that she had taken the Twitter handles of all the people that have sent hate messages and will do everything she can “to make sure people know, internet or not, you CAN’T say this s–t.”

Brown has asked his fans to stop sending hate messages. He also told them that that kind of behavior is “turning haters into victims”, implying that Teigen is now seen as “the poor girl” after making nasty comments about him and this feeds her “pointless existence”.