Indonesian Muslim Group thinks Lady Gaga is satanicAn Indonesian Muslim group has started protests against Lady Gaga. The pop start has scheduled a concert on June 3 in Jakarta, Indonesia, but the protests threat the performance. Read more to find out why Muslims don’t want Gaga around.

A spokesman for the Islamic Defenders’ Front says that the reason for the anti-Gaga protests is that the star is promoting the worship of Satan. “Lady Gaga insults all religions”, the representative says. He goes further, adding that “she is promoting the worship of Satan. Even Christians in Korea opposed her.”

The protesters carried signs with Lady Gaga’s photo, cut with a red line, or featuring the message “Lady Gaga go to hell”.

The hospitality the 26-year-old pop star would enjoy in Jakarta will definitely be very different from the one she enjoyed in Japan, where she last performed. Even though there hasn’t been made a decision whether to modify Gaga’s tour schedule, eliminating Jakarta as a destination, IDF’s chairman Rizieq Shihab said, last week, that a performance could be the start of “chaos” .