According to a source speaking to the, the “Khloe & Lamar” reality show has pushed back the NBA star’s career. Lamar Odom has a lot to prove in order to play, one day, in major leagues teams, such as the Lakers, or the Mavericks.

“Khloe & Lamar” reality show pushed back NBA star’s has recently revealed just how much NBA star Lamar Odom had to lose for choosing the Kardashians over his basketball career. Apparently, Odom was more in front of the cameras than on the field and this comes with a price. The source speaking to the publication claims that “it’s only going to help his status the further away he gets from the reality television cameras”. During the time that “Khloe & Lamar” was developing as a family project, Lamar really lost tons of respect […], so instead of a hill its a mountain to climb to get back into the NBA.”

During the past week, the couple has been arguing whether to return for another season or to quit the reality show. It was Khloe who did not want to give up being followed by cameras all over the place, but in the end, they announced they are going to put the TV show on hold.

The same source believes that at this point, Lamar doesn’t stand a change being chosen by major league teams, such as the Mavericks or the Lakers, so, for a while, he’ll probably be playing in the minor league, for a team that he would not chose. “A team will reach out to him and he’ll have to take it or leave it”, the insider concluded.

What do you think about Lamar Odom’s career in the future?