Do you think Mark Ruffalo will make a good Hulk, even at 50? The actor, who portrayed the green angry giant in “The Avengers”, says that if it were to be made a movie about his character, he would say yes to the part.

If you have already seen “The Avengers”, you know the temperature the action was developed at. When the mighty heroes of the world are gathered for a fight against evil, things cannot go smoothly. The Ironman (Robert Downey Jr.), the incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor, the God of Thunder and Captain America joined their forces to combat evil aliens threatening the peace on earth. The creators of the movie could not ignore the comic side of these characters (even the bad guy, Loki, had his own sense of humor) and created them more complex than just plain action heroes.

Mark Ruffalo : a 50-year-old Hulk?

Of them, Hulk, played by Ruffalo, was one of the most complex works in the movie. This was because the actor knew exactly how his green giant must have felt. He was as angry as him, at one point in his life. “When I was a young actor, if you came to my apartment, you would have seen pictures and photos hung in the most bizarre places, where they were covering holes in the wall from auditions that I didn’t get”, the actor admits. “I’m no stranger to that kind of anger and rage.”

After the amazing performance as Hulk, director and writer Joss Whedon says he would definitely see Mark Ruffalo as the green angry Hulk in a movie dedicated to the green hero. He says that even Hollywood might be reluctant to the idea, the fans would love it! Ruffalo himself says that even he is 50 years old, he wouldn’t say no to the part. “I would be into doing it, I would think, if we could come up with the right story line”, the actor said.