The Verge reports that Microsoft is planning to announce a $99 Xbox 360 and Kinect package, subsidized by a $15 monthly fee for two years. Some sources claim that this package is ready to be released as soon as next week. The package is said to contain a 4 gigabyte Xbox with a Kinect sensor, worth $150 on its own, as well as access to Xbox Live Gold and possibly to streaming content.

If you were to purchase this package now you would have to spend about $420 dollars for the Xbox, Kinect and Xbox Live Gold subscription.

This bundle will open the Xbox 360 to a new market of users, even those which couldn’t justify the cost of the Xbox till now.

Xbox’s main competitor, Sony’s Playstation 3 costs a bit more than the Xbox, retailing at about $250. This deal may be a real blow to Sony, who wasn’t able to drop prices for it’s Playstation as fast as Microsoft did for the Xbox, mainly due to the expensive Cell processor used in the Playstation.

If this rumors comes to be true we may see the start of a new era for gaming consoles.


Microsoft and Kinect to release $99 Xbox