Researchers in Chile discovered that women who are stressed in the first trimester of their pregnancy are more likely to give birth to girls. Moreover, a high level of stress in the same period of time increases the risk of premature birth.

Stressed women give birth to girls study saysAre baby gender and stress linked? Apparently so.The researchers from Chile studied a large number of women who demonstrated just that. They investigated all the birth certificates issued from 2004 to 2006. In 2005, Chile was shaken by a massive earthquake. According to the records, the majority of the women who were closer to the epicenter of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake gave birth to baby girls. The ratio of male to female is 55 at 45. This means that out of 100 births, 51 were females and 49 were males. The general ration of male to female is 51 at 49.

“This is a significant change for this type of measure”, says Dr. Dr. Karine Kleinhaus, at New York University.

Stress is also a key-factor in premature birth. The same study concludes that 9% of the women who deal with a stressful situation in the third trimester of the pregnancy give birth prematurely. However, the study refers to births of girls. There are no statistics related to stress and premature birth in the case of newborn boys.