Mornings can be tough on some people, especially those dreaming about waking up for brunch time. But with some wacky personal hygiene products laying around your bathroom, your sleepy face could instantly gain a big smile. Here is what we are thinking about:

Pickle-flavored toothpaste. We usually hear that pregnant women have an appetite for pickles. However, this toothpaste was not created especially for them, but for anyone who likes the flavor. A little drop of the green toothpaste on your toothbrush, and a few seconds of vigorous brushing, and your mouth will be all…pickled! The tube contains 2.5 oz of flavored paste and it costs 4.5 dollars.

Absinthe-flavored floss. This type of drinking in the morning is totally allowed. For about the same price as the pickled toothpaste, the Wacky personal hygiene productsabsinthe floss completes your wacky oral hygiene. The plastic dispenser features an image of two green devils partying on an empty bottle. The dispenser contains 23.3 yds (about 25 cm) of waxed floss.

These two products are available online, on

Handsoap. Literally. Soap pieces that look like little baby hands. The come in all worlds’ race colors and you can get on piece, a big hand for 8 dollars, of a pair of hands, for 16 dollars, or a full set, also for 16 dollars. You can order them online on