According to Apple will updated almost its entire mac line at the Worldwide Developers Conference, scheduled next week, updating  four out of their five Mac lines.

While we are expecting to see announcements related to software next week at WWDC, namely iOs 6, iCloud updates and of course the upcoming Mac OS Mountain Lion, it said that the most remarkable announcements will be hardware related, Mac hardware that is.

Apple to update almost its entire Mac line at WWDC

Previous reports claimed that Apple will present a new redesigned 15″ MacBook Pro at the conference featuring a thinner design and high resolution Retina display.

If this new rumors turns out to be true it will turn out to be Apple’s biggest simultaneous launch of hardware yet. This move, which is no very Apple like, may suggest that they are trying to introduce a yearly update cycle for their Mac hardware, just like the yearly update cycle for the iPhone and iPad.

Apple is also said to release new accessories and update the current one, however it is not stated which of the current line will receive updates.

June 11th will be a truly exciting day.