The best foods during pregnancy are the ones that ensure the necessary nutrients for the mother and her baby, while preventing unhealthy weight gain. The calorie intake goes up during the pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean the woman should eat double the amount of food. Diet recommendations consist in a balanced intake of carbs, fiber and protein. And let’s not forget calcium!

Best foods during pregnancyHere are the best foods during pregnancy:

1. Fruit and vegetable – up to five servings per day. Fresh and frozen are the best ways to consume them, as they retain the highest amount of vitamins. Juice is less recommended, as it raises the sugar level in the blood and leads, among other effects, to an increase in appetite.

2. Carbs from rice, pasta, whole bread and potatoes

3. Animal-source protein from white meat (fish, chicken) and eggs

4. Vegetable-source protein from quinoa, tofu, soy, beans, seeds, nuts. They are rich in amino acids and iron.

5. Fiber from wholegrain foods – bread, rice, pasta, carrots and more. Studies have shown that the consumption of fiber during pregnancy reduces the risk of constipation and hemorrhoids.

6. Calcium from dairy foods (milk, cheese, yogurt), soy-based products, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, okra and mustard greens.