Apparently, Queen Latifah is not very eager about coming out of the closet. The singer and actress sticks to her belief, that her sexual orientation is part of her private life and “private” means just that.

Queen Latifah still won’t admit sexual orientationRecently, Queen Latifah participated in a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride festival, where she showed her love and support that she was feeling at the time, but when it came to her coming out of the closet, The Queen stepped down from the spotlight.

“I’ve never dealt with the question of my personal life in public,” the U.N.I.T.Y. singer explained to Entertainment Weekly, concluding: “It’s just not gonna happen.”

The rumors of her gay orientation sparked when Queen Latifah performed at LGBT Pride Festival, which was organized in Long Beach, California. However, she says that her participating in that show was not about what gender she is attracted to, but about sharing love and support, no matter the cause.

“When people are going through hatred and bullying, the biggest thing to fight that is love”, the singer explained.

Despite her explanation, many of the Twitter users stick to the spicier view: Queen Latifah has a thing for girls!