Ray-Ban launches a limited-edition of aviator sunglasses, priced at 18K a pair, to mark 75 years from the invention of one of the most iconic sunglasses.

Ray-Ban launches limited sunglasses collection at 18KIt’s already been three quarters of a century since Ray-Ban launched for the first time a model of sunglasses that became legendary: the aviator sunglasses. To celebrate the milestone, Ray-Ban has designed a limited-edition model, with yellow polarized lens, that offer an anti-glare effect. The sunglasses are priced at 18,000 dollars a pair. They will comprise four models: the Classic Aviator, Classic Aviator with curved temple tips, the Shooter and the Outdoorsman.

The collection will be available worldwide in Ray-Ban stores.

The celebration of the 75th anniversary was also marked by an advertising campaign meant for inspiration from the most important people that managed to obtain significant changes in society. Among them, there are musician Norman Blagman, airplane pilot Raymond Swalley and writer Taylor Mead.