Here is what men think that women should not wear: velour pants with words on the butt, sports t-shirts, stilettos, ultra-complicated undergarments and more. Women’s Health contributor, Matt Bean, talked to The Thread’s Sarah Bernard, about clothes that women should get rid of, as quickly as they can.

Normally, when you think of a beautiful woman, you think high heels, feminine and sexy clothes, seductive underwear and high self-confidence. But Matt Bean believes a woman shows more confidence when she is wearing something she feels comfortable in.

What men think women should not wearHere are some examples of clothes you think are sexy, but may not be:

Stilettos you can’t walk in – it’s true that they elongate your legs and make you look sexy, but you have to really own them. You have to walk in them like you were born in high heels. If not, you will only look tortured. According to Bean, men love women who wear flats, if they show self-confidence.

Complicated undergarments – simple does not mean ordinary. This philosophy can teach a lot, even in the underwear sector. Your main purpose is to feel comfortable while looking attractive. Also, don’t try to fool the eyes of a man with a body image that will shatter the second you lose the corset, or the push-up bra.

Sports T-shirts – unless you’re planning on cheerleading your boyfriend’s favorite team, it’s better to lose them. They may be a source of conflict, especially if you are fans of different teams.

Velour pants with words that land on your butt – “Your butt is not a billboard”, says Matt Bean, adding “we don’t need you to broadcast where you went to vacation this summer, or how you’re feeling.”

Other things you should stay away from are elbow-high bracelets, ex-boyfriend’s shirts and harem pants.