Bristol Palin sued over reality show! Again!Bristol Palin, the daughter of the more famous Sarah Palin, is being sued again over her reality show, “Life’s A Tripp”. The plaintiff is the same person that sued Lifetime’s reality series the first time. He claims that the footage aired by Lifetime, in which he appeared, caused him extended professional and financial damage.

Bristol Palin’s reality series faces drama off screen, too. On June 28, Stephen Hanks, a talent manager, sued Lifetime, Bristol Palin, executive producer David McKenzie and  the company producing the show, Associated Television International.

The reason? Defamation. Hanks claims that Mrs. Palin’s “deliberate, malicious and despicable” behavior caused him money loss and problems on a professional level. He is seeking $75,000.

Stephen Hanks filed the first lawsuit almost a month ago, when the television released promos depicting a fight between him and Bristol at a bar in Hollywood. He requested that the footage won’t be aired.

Now, Hanks claims he has “learned of additional defendants”.

Also in the past month, “Life’s A Tripp” has been facing a lawsuit filed by Christopher and Kyle Massey, who asked that they would be cut out of the series.