Does British actor Russell Brand have a new girlfriend? A few days ago, he was spotted in the company of a lady talent agent.

Does Russell Brand have a new girlfriend?The couple Katy Perry – Russell Brand broke-up just before Christmas, with Brand filing for a divorce at that time. Since then, Perry was comforted by gal pal Rihanna during an exotic getaway around New Year’s Eve and has slowly, but surely recovered from the broken heart. And Brand has started taking yoga classes with various ladies; however, none of them managed to take the relationship to another level.

But on Sunday, he was spotted in the company of a new woman. She is talent agent Isabella Brewster, the younger sister of actress Jordana Brewster. The two were at the Pacific Palisades market, according to a source speaking to Us Magazine. “She is all over him and Russell loves it. It’s been going on for a few weeks. He really likes her”, the same source adds.

On Monday, 23-year-old Brewster accompanied 37-year-old Brand to a yoga class, UK’s The Sun reports.

Isabella, who has been romantically linked with other famous actors, such as Milo Ventimiglia and Bradley Cooper, knows what to expect from a man like Russell Brand. According to a source talking to “The Sun”, she knows that he “is a ladies’ man so she is trying to play it cool”. Plus, they both like yoga.