Summer days can be incredibly hot. The high temperature can melt your makeup and mess-up your clothes. And while there isn’t much you can do about sweating continuously (except wash regularly, use deodorant and spend as much time in places with air conditioning), there are some tips you can use when it comes to fashion.

Fashion tips for hot summer daysChoosing natural fabrics is always better for your body, as they let the skin “breathe”. For the hot summer days, the most indicated fabric is cotton, as it absorbs water and gives you a fresh clean feeling.

Pastel colors are preferable, as they don’t attract the sunlight and the heat. Stay away from shiny fabrics, to avoid the mirror effect, which is very unpleasant for anyone around you.

Wear a sun hat and sun glasses, to avoid heatstroke, sunspots or wrinkling around the eyes.

Here are some of this summer’s must-have fashion items, according to stylist Anna Foster:

• Peasant style tops

• Shift dresses

• High waisted boyfriend shorts