Here are five tech products that are not worth buying when second-hand.

There is a difference, as you may know, between refurbished and second-hand tech products. A refurbished iPod, for example, is an iPod who was called-in, repaired and then resold. A second-hand one has been used for a while and may or may not have pieces replaced or repaired.

Some second-hand items are not worth the money:

Laptops – when buying a second-hand laptop, you don’t really know what you’re buying. This is because you can’t know how the seller has been treating it before. A laptop can look like it’s in great shape, but accidents like spilling coffee over it or dropping it, occurred before the selling, may trigger functioning problems in time. It can work perfectly for a week, or a month, and then crack. And replacing the components, adding to the price you originally paid for it, could take the bill up to more than you would have paid for a new one.

Five second-hand tech products that are not worth itVideo cameras – the same accident can happen with video cameras. If they were dropped, or came in contact with water, or any other substances that may affect the circuits, you may as well say you threw the money out a window.

Plasmas – if an old-tube style TV costs around 500 dollars to repair, the costs for plasma screens go a lot higher. This is why, if you are planning on buying a used plasma, you should rethink it. You can either buy a used tube-style TV, or wait until you have the money for a new plasma.

DVD players – the costs to repair a DVD player often go over the price of a new one. So why waste time and money?

Software – software has a code which allows the user a certain number of times to download it. You can’t know how many times the original user downloaded it, so you may pay for a product you can only use once.