Gwyneth Paltrow’s $90 white T-shirtIt is a known fact that people in the US are leaders when it comes to comfortable fashion. Some of the most popular items sold worldwide are the jeans and the classic white T-shirt, a look almost branded by the United States.

However, fashion designers always find a way to rethink even the simplest clothes. Adding some fabric here, cutting some there and the classic white T-shirt is reinvented.

Some celebrities, who took it upon themselves to dress the population on the American continent and overseas, have come up with a new way of reinventing old stuff – adding an unaffordable price to it.

It is the case of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who added to her fashion line a white T-shirt that costs $90. The item can be found on According to the description, it is created in collaboration with Kain Label, using for inspiration tuxedo tailoring, and comes in only one size. As described, it “comfortably fits US sizes 0- 8.”

iul 21aThe only three reasons you may want to spend $90 on a white T-shirt are these:

• You are a huge fan of Gwyneth Paltrow

• You particularly like this tuxedo tailoring line

• You don’t really care about money

Some alternatives can be found for more than $80 less. For example, a white T-shirt by Old Navy is priced at $8.50.