iFred, created to prevent depressionFocused on minimizing the impact of depression on the economy, an international foundation has created iFred, a system that offers training for executives and managers to identify this debilitating condition and prevent the effects of depression at a global scale.

First of all, for those of you thinking that iFred is an electronic device, it’s not. It is actually short for The International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression. Its mission is to raise awareness on depression and determine corporate responsibility by implementing prevention programs.

The founder of iFred, Kathryn Goetzke, a depression expert herself, explains that when it comes to money, nobody wants to lose them, from the everyday spender to the big producing companies. Even if some of the effects of depression may have been estimated before, this time, experts come with concrete figures:

“Depression is estimated to have an annual toll on U.S. Business, which amounts to about $70 billion in medical expenditures, lost productivity and other costs”, says Goetzke. What iFred does is provide the companies’ managers means to identify and treat depression symptoms before escalating. This may save each company tens of thousands of dollars per employee.

But iFred wasn’t created for corporate reasons only. It is the perspective of each individual confronting with depression that counts the most. According to the results of many studies, “nearly 75 percent of those suffering from depression do not actively seek nor receive proper treatment” added Kathryn Goetzke. “We believe that by bringing awareness to the economic and social impact depression has on families, communities and countries around the world we can combat the negative stigma and ensure people get the help they need.”