Malware known as DNS Changer is threatening internet access at a large scale on Monday, as an US government fix expires. According to AFP, no problems were reported in the early hours of the morning.

DNS Changer is an internet virus created by a group of hackers, with the intention of hijacking the domain name systems of Web browsers. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, along with others agencies and the collaboration of the Estonian police, discovered the web threat in 2007, arrested a part of the hacker group and found a temporary fix.

Last year in November the Estonian police caught six Estonian citizens and one Russian citizen. They were charged with infecting computers in crucial institutions in the US, including some NASA machines.

In order to prevent internet shutdown at a large scale, the FBI obtained, by court order, the right to run alternate servers that allowed even malware infected computers to connect to the internet.

However, the term for these replacement servers expires today and, according to IT experts, computers that carry the virus may face an “Internet doomsday”.


Malware threatening internet access on Monday


According to internet security firms, such as Internet Identity and Symantec, “DNS Changer is an insidious form of malware affecting everyone from the everyday consumer to a large chunk of the Fortune 500”. Also, the virus blocks antivirus software updates.

The threat it poses doesn’t resume to the United States territory. At present, it is thought that, at an international level, the number of computers infected with DNS Changer is between 300,000 and 500,000. In the United States, the number of infected computers rises to 69,000. Other countries named on the malware threat list are: India, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France and Italy.

If you think your computer might be infects, visit the website