Michael Jackson’s kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket have been placed in temporary custody of grandma Katherine’s grandson TJ. The son of Tito said, during the emergency hearing, that his grandmother “wasn’t sharp” during their last phone conversation.

Michael Jackson’s kids, in temporary custody of Katherine’s grandsonOn Wednesday, during an emergency hearing, a judge ruled that Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, who had the custody of his three children, Prince Paris and Blanket, is not able to keep up with her duties as a guardian and handed over the responsibility to Tito Joe, “TJ”, the son of Tito Jackson. At the hearing TJ said that Katherine, with whom he spoke on the phone one day before, “wasn’t sharp. The pauses, choice of vocabulary … she has not used certain phrases like that before.”

TJ believes that his grandmother is was being held against her will in Arizona, by her oldest daughter Rebbie, who has made a lot of pressure on contesting the will of Michael Jackson, which left nobody a dime. The same opinion had Katherine’s lawyer, Sandra Ribera, who visited her client several times in Arizona.

Katherine’s lawyer Perry Sanders says that his client will return to California on Wednesday and will put an end to this “giant misunderstanding” that has been created in the past two weeks. And, of course, she will file for a motion to reinstate her as a permanent guardian of the children.