Robert Pattinson’s all-liquid diet“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson is on an all-liquid diet, according to Us Weekly. The actor says he needed to lose weight fast for a photo shoot and still be able to drink as much as he wanted to.

In a recent interview to BlackBook magazine, Robert Pattison denies the rumors regarding marriage plans with his girlfriend of three years, Kristen Stewart. He also talks about his need to get in shape for a half-naked photo shoot.

Pattinson may or may not be happy with the way he looks, but a recent appointment for a photo shoot demanded he’d be more in shape. “I had to be shirtless for a photo shoot”, he told BlackBook, “so I asked a nutritionist what’s a diet in which you can still drink as much as you want”. His nutritionist answered : “A liquid diet.” Insiders told Us Weekly a few months ago that Pattinson is “really insecure about his shirt being off”, so a diet may help raise his self-confidence when it comes to his abs.

This type of diet helped him break records he never thought of before. “I was so impressed with myself yesterday”, Pattinson says, adding: “I took a pee that was four minutes long”.

Another step the actor has taken towards a healthier lifestyle is quitting smoking. He shared with his fans the good news, adding that he is now carrying around with him electronic cigarettes. According to a source speaking to us Weekly in April, the actor was struggling to cut back on cigarettes for months.