Retailers will never tell you the dirty secrets behind the low prices. Most of the discounted products come in lower quality or smaller package. Here is the reality about the cheap merchandise, presented by the experts.

Cheaper manufacturing of the product means lower quality. When the production costs are a lot lower, the financial advantage triggers quality disadvantages. James Dion, the president of the retail consulting firm Dionco says: “To avoid retail price increases, retailers and manufacturers ‘value-engineer’ a product to reduce its cost by purposely taking the quality out of products to make that price point a reality for you, the consumer”.

The dirty secrets behind low pricesCheaper designer collections have lower quality than their high-end collections. A designer tag on a dress or a shirt doesn’t make it quality-reliable. It is a reality that cheap clothes bearing designer label, such as Simply Vera, the collection of Vera Wang, sold at Kohl’s, are “nothing more than cheaply made merchandise using that designer’s name”, explains “The Millionaire’s Handbook” author, Vicky Oliver.

If some products cut from the quality of manufacturing in order to maintain a low price, others are reduced in size. For example, towels can measure less than the standard length. Food can have lower sizes.

The advice of the experts is to first look for the quality that you are satisfied with and then compare prices. Some factors that can raise the price, such as the quality of the fabrics or materials used and the quality of the manufacturing, are to be taken into consideration for our own comfort, while others, such as the brand and the fashion trend they belong to, we can let being dictated by the size of our wallet.