The personal products that you should only buy from stores, sealed and packed, are in a large number, but here are three most common things that women should not buy used:

Three things women should not buy usedGenerally, any product that has touched another person’s skin or hair is not indicated to be bought. Here are some of the most common products we can find on yard sales or on the internet, that we should not buy if used:

Makeup – this should not even be mentioned in the list, as it is more than obvious that using another person’s makeup means an exposure to thousands of bacteria. Many garage sales have makeup brushes or lipstick for sale. Even though they may be barely touched, these products cannot be cleaned very well. Using them can cause illnesses that will make you pay more on treatment than if you would have bought the sealed product from a store.

Shoes – many branded shoes are “invading” the online bidding websites. Let’s say you fell in love with a pair of Louboutins that have a troubling price in the store. You find them online, used, available for half the price. If you see the glass half full, you’ll see what a great opportunity is to save a few hundred dollars and walk around wearing your dream shoes. But a realistic person has to also take into account that empty half and realize the risk of exposure to bacteria. No shoe can be cleaned to the point it is sterilized. Another issue is the shoes have been conformed to the feet of their first owner, so they might not fit you the way you’re expecting to.

Swimsuits – this should be considered an investment. It is the only piece of clothing that comes in direct contact with the skin, while still being seen by other people. It has to mix the comfort of underwear and the chic aspect of a dress, or any other piece of everyday clothing. It has to compliment your body, hiding the flaws and emphasizing the qualities. A used swimsuit is more loose, more fragile and it could fall apart more easily.