On Saturday, 85-year-old couple Lena Henderson and Roland Davis remarried after 50 years of being apart, RadarOnline reports. Since their divorce, they had tied the knot with other people, but after their spouses died, their children thought they could spark-up the romance between them. And they were right.


85-year-old couple remarried after 50 years


Lena Henderson and Roland Davis, both 85 years old, said “I do” for the second time, in Buffalo, N.Y. The two first married when they were in high school and what they had wasn’t much of a wedding ceremony. However, they stayed together for a couple of decades and had children, before getting a divorce, 50 years ago.

Since then, both Lena and Roland remarried and went on with their lives. But who knew that for these two, life was actually a circle. At 85, they relinked their romance. “I had always kind of had that in mind, mostly because of the children. You never forget someone that you cared for at one time or another”, said Roland.

The couple’s child Renita, who is now a grandmother herself, says that despite her age, she is thrilled of having her parents back together again. “It’s every child’s dream, every child who has ever been in a family where divorce has occurred, that your parents would come back together”, she explained. “We are all so ridiculously excited. We’re like little children again!”