After the Huffington Post and other publications reported that Chipotle was rounding up bills in order to avoid dealing with pennies and keep the lines moving faster, a scandal erupted and the eatery changed its penny policy.

Chipotle changes penny policy after scandalLast week, the Huffington Post reported that Chipotle was rounding up the bills, cheating customers out of their pennies. Most of them were confused as to why they got too little, or too much change and some of them even got angry with it.

Chris Arnold, the spokesman for the fast food restaurant, can explain! He says that the practice was adopted in order to speed up the lines and reduce the time the cashiers spend doling out pennies. Arnold also said that the round up policy was only practiced in a few “high volume” markets, like New York, New Jersey, or Boston, where “there are lines out the door as soon as we open”.

Recently, Chipotle has changed the penny policy. Even though it hasn’t reinstated the penny, the checks will be rounded down. People will receive up to 4 cents in savings every time they buy something at Chipotle.