Recently, Lady Gaga shared a nude photo alongside boyfriend Taylor Kinney on The couple passionately kisses while skinny dipping.

Lady Gaga is a complex artist, who doesn’t stop shocking us. Even though she had the stomach to wear a flesh dress, the balance to sustain architectural hats and, overall, the dare to push the limits of what is considered taboo by the society at this moment in time, the queen of dance music is, after all, a woman, and therefore, fragile and romantic.


Lady Gaga shares nude photo alongside Taylor Kinney


In the latest photo posted by her on the social media website, Gaga shares a passionate moment with her boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney. The photo, “T and Me”, shows Gaga in the arms of Taylor, with their lips almost touching.

The photo reminds us about the video clip of “You and I”, in which Gaga plays, among other characters, a mermaid in love with a man played by Kinney. They shared a hot moment in a bathtub. And that was actually how they met. was also the platform where Gaga has posted the most messages regarding the latest events in her professional and private life. Just last Friday, she posted a caption of her latest tattoo, featuring the word “ARTPOP” on her arm. “ARTPOP” is the name of the album the singer is planning to release in 2013.