Lindsay Lohan films nude scene with naked crewLindsay Lohan was uncomfortable filming a nude scene for her upcoming movie, “The Canyons”, so the entire filming crew had to go naked. Although it seems odd, the practice has been done before.

When you think about Lindsay Lohan, the first images that come into your mind have little to do with purity and shyness. The Hollywood actress, who, in the past years was better known for her all-night partying and bumping into other people’s cars, is shy when it comes to shooting nude scenes.

Even though she has posed nude for famous publications, such as The New York Magazine and Playboy, the feisty redhead is very self-conscious when she has to go nude in front of the camera. In order to make her more comfortable filming the scene with adult film actor James Deen, the crew of “The Canyons” stripped as well. A source speaking to ABC News says: “They were down to their underwear”.

As odd as it may seem, the practice isn’t unprecedented. Film director Edward Zwick offered to do the same thing for the couple Jake Gyllenhaal – Anne Hathaway in the movie “Love and Other Drugs”. According Zwick, the two actors were complaining about the many times he had asked them to film naked so when he asked them what he could do, they said “You take your clothes off.” And he did.

Lindsay Lohan’s “The Canyons” will finish filming this week.