Victoria Beckham never smiles. Why?In the latest issue of Glamour magazine, the fashion edition, Victoria Beckham reveals why she never smiles. Even though she has a successful career and a happy healthy family, the singer-turned-fashion mogul puts the blame on one particular aspect of her life.

“I think I only stopped smiling when I got into fashion”, says Victoria Beckham in the upcoming issue of Glamour. Even though she “used to smile a lot in pictures”, before turning to fashion, the new persona that she has created is more serious. “Fashion stole my smile! I’ve created this person. And I’m not saying that’s not me, but I wouldn’t say that’s the whole me”, she explains. “It’s an armor that goes up.”

It’s still a bit unclear why Victoria referred to her non-smiling self as an armor, but we don’t need to question the advantages of her fashion career, which not only developed her creativity, but raised a whole empire. As a powerful businesswoman, Victoria says she has to juggle her responsibilities, but has no intention of cutting back.

As for the future of the Beckham family, which includes parents Victoria and David, and children Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 9, Cruz, 7 and Harper Seven, 1, the matriarch dreams of “having the business growing at a steady pace, and making more women feel empowered, beautiful, and confident. And I’d never say never about another baby.”